Extension was already provided for 2 months due to busy schedule of tax practitioners and technical glitches faced by the user of GST portal. Government has clearly stated no further extension shall be provided to the tax payers. Hence, tax payers who have not yet filed their GSTR-1 for July 2017 are advised to file it at earliest.


Once GSTR-1 is filed by 10th October, the corresponding entries in GSTR-2A of buyer shall be auto populated on the portal. The buyer then has to file GSTR-2A after making necessary modifications (additions, deletions or any correction). If tax payers fails to file GSTR-1 by said date then his buyer may have to face problem while availing Input Tax Credit(ITC)


Hence all the suppliers, especially B2B suppliers is advised to file their GSTR-1 on time to avoid any unwanted problem while availing ITC by their buyers

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